My Eleventh Blessing- It is not so scary after all

stepping out comfort
My eleventh blessing is one student who is not afraid to make mistakes. She is not afraid to take risks in learning and she is not afraid to be wrong.  I love to interact with this child because she is willing to step out of her comfort zone with her learning in order to improve.…

My Tenth Blessing Caught Me by Surprise

blessing out of nowhere
My tenth blessings is a young man who remains in the shadows but then suddenly will appear out of nowhere to share his voice. There are times during class when he remains silent but if I check in on him, he is right there with me. He chooses to not always have his camera on…

My Ninth Blessing

A Breath of Fresh Air in my Day!
My ninth blessing is a child who exudes confidence. She is mature beyond her years. When she shares in class, she does so in a way that I listen in awe of how she articulates her thoughts and shares her voice.  She understands that in learning, mistakes are going to be made and she is…

My Eighth Blessing

A Smiling Heart
My Eighth Blessing- He makes my heart smile My eighth blessing is a ball of energy who comes into Zoom ready to share everything that is on his mind. He greets me and then wants to share things from what he ate for breakfast to the work his mother is doing, or to the new…

My Seventh Blessing- We all need a Cheerleader

Cheering for the Small Victories
My seventh blessing is a spirited one who is ready to learn every day. She comes to our class set with curiosity and determination to complete whatever tasks the day has for her. She is usually one step ahead of me and desires to have her questions answered instantaneously.  She works hard with continued efforts…

My Sixth Blessing- A Bright Light in my Day

A Bright Light Day.
My sixth blessing has a quiet nature about himself but hidden behind that is an intelligence like no other. He goes deeper into his thinking and shares thoughts that are beyond his years. He will sit back in the corner and observe then jump into the discussion ready with a well thought out answer. It…

My Fifth Blessing- The Simple Gesture of a Wave

Sometimes the simple gestures can make a difference
My fifth blessing is a child who enters our Zoom meeting every day with a smile. He turns on his camera immediately and gives a wave, no matter if anyone responds to it or not. He greets everyone that way every time. He gives a wave and a big smile. He is ready to begin…

My fourth blessing brings me JOY!

We all need a little JOY in our day!
It has been a bit of time since I have written about my blessings in my teaching this year. When I started this at the beginning of the year it was for me to intentionally focus on the goodness and blessings around me in this difficult year. A time when many are struggling and the…

All Part of God’s Plan

Ecclesiastes 3:11
  For the past ten months, since the pandemic started I have sat in prayer every morning praying for my family and friends to all stay healthy and free of this virus. When we reached the month of November, I was so grateful that my family had remained healthy so we all could meet for…

Love for Levins

there is no footprint too small to leave an imprint on this world
Our family was hit with a terrible tragedy at the end of October, 2019.  My sweet grand niece, Levins, passed away. The heartache and pain that her parents, sisters, and the rest of her extended family is going through is unimaginable. There are no words to describe the loss of a child. I cannot even…
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