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Joy in the difficult moments.

Is this you?

  • Weary, overwhelmed or struggling to meet the demands of your life?

  • Do you wonder, sometimes, how you are going to take your next step?

  • Do you wonder where to find the joy and hope in the most difficult situations?

I have been there. I know how challenging it is to keep a smile on your face when your heart is telling you otherwise.

Navigating our way through life can be challenging at times. We may go through experiences that we never thought we would encounter. They lead to moments of loneliness, despair, and sadness. Possibly we may be paralyzed by fear, shame, or disappointment. There are moments when we feel worthless and hopeless.

Have you ever felt any of those feelings? I have felt all of them at one time or another throughout my life.

I have learned through all of those experiences that there is joy in the midst of it all. In those moments when life is pulling me down, I search for hope and joy. I learn to lean into the gratitude and blessings that all moments provide.

May this blog provide you with encouragement, inspiration and hope when life feels lonely and uncertain.

Bridget Gengler

About Me

Hi Friend!

I am glad you are here. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a writer and educator. I am passionate about inspiring and encouraging my readers by bringing hope when you may otherwise, feel lost.

I take time to focus on gratitude, kindness, prayer and finding joy and hope even in the most difficult of moments.