You are Enough!

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What are the lies that you have believed for so long? How can you change those lies? YOU ARE ENOUGH! My Inner Child I was sitting in a PD meeting recently when the presenter asked the participants to share their thoughts on the topic they were presenting. Anxiety instantly hit me, and my inner child…

A Champion for Students

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What does it mean to be a Champion for students? I read Jimmy Casas’s Culturize, an educator’s book, a few years ago. It is by far one of the best educational books I have read.  Casas writes about four core principles of a positive school culture: Champion for Students Expect Excellence Carry the Banner Be…

Motherhood- A Love Letter to my Children

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Each stage of motherhood is challenging yet filled with joy.  I became a mother for the first time in 2001, a second time in 2004, a single mom in 2005, and a stepmom in 2009.  The times when they were young are just memories now. When you are in the moment, it feels like the…

Being Seen in your Grief

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In our grief, many times, we want to be seen.  My sister-in-law just lost a remarkable man in her life. He was someone who stepped in to be her father figure when her father was geographically far away. He was there on some of her most challenging days. She learned from his encouragement, strength, and…

Gratitude is life-changing!

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Gratitude- the quality of being thankful.   Gratitude is noticing the good around you.  Gratitude is the joy in your heart and soul.  Gratitude has filled my life abundantly in the past six years.  It all started in 2018, and when I look back, I see how much it has impacted my life.  Gratitude Circle We…

Be Authentic- Things I Wish My Younger Self Knew- Lesson 8

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Authentic means genuine- truly what something is said to be.  Being who you were made to be is a beautiful thing. God did not make any mistakes. He knows who you are, loves you, and wants you to be you. His desire is for you to be your authentic self. Making no apologies or excuses,…

Appreciate the Unexpected- Things I Wish My Younger Self Knew- Lesson 7

appreciate the unexpected
An Unexpected Journey reveals new places, faces, and a deeper appreciation for each step. When we arrived in Charleston, it was a blistery, humid day- the first hot day on our summer trip to the South.  As we parked the car, my body was filled with anticipation and excitement for the day ahead. It had…

Trusting through Prayer- Things I Wish My Younger Self Knew- Lesson 6

Prayer is the answer to my darkest days. It has led me out of the deep valleys and guided me to new beginnings.  I sat in the middle of the floor, and my whole body went limp. Tears poured down my face like the rapid rain of a severe storm. They were falling so quickly…

One Word 2024- Patience

Patience is “the ability to wait a long time without becoming annoyed or upset.” Since 2017, when I received my Master’s degree, my life has been in transformation, from countless job interviews that resulted in utter disappointment to realizing that maybe I am right where God needs me to be. In 2021, I lost my…

The Blessed Encounter- Things I Wish My Younger Self Knew- Lesson 5

blessed encounter
People come and go into our lives through different seasons. Some are meant to stay, but some are only there briefly. It is through these encounters and experiences that we learn about ourselves. We also have the opportunity to learn from our connections and from the people who fill our hearts. The Blessed Encounter I…
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