Learning to Love Yourself through God’s grace

You are God's masterpiece and through His grace, you will start to tell your story
What is the definition of self-image? According to the Random House dictionary, self-image means “the idea, concept or mental image one has of oneself.” Self-image Battle  The swords have been fighting this battle of a negative self-image for countless years. Many times words to my husband were, “I am fat; my legs are too big.…

Finding comfort in our blessings

tea lights, candles, light
Sometimes when we stop and look at how far we have come, the blessings can become evident as we chronicle our journeys. We can find comfort in those blessings. Recently, I came upon this picture that took me back to a memorable trip.   When my husband turned 50, I surprised him with a trip to…


The beauty of growing older is the wisdom you gain as you travel through life’s experiences.  Not long ago, I visited my Mom. The slow, peaceful calm of her desert home is what my soul needed. The weather, usually unbearable at this time of year, was relatively pleasant, with a cool breeze to begin and…

Trust that Better Days are Ahead

trust the journey
When life does not go as we planned, disappointment may set in. The road ahead may be rough, but you must trust the journey and believe you will triumph. Behind the Smile Sometimes what we see on the outside doesn’t always reflect what is on the inside. Hidden behind the smile may be a touch…

The Blessing of a Yellow Rose

yellow roses
Blessings will light the path and lead you out of the darkness. No words were needed on that bittersweet day when he walked in with a dozen yellow roses. It was my wedding anniversary, and I was visiting my sister and her family. They had provided a safe place for me and my children during…

Your Grieving Heart

grieving heart
Grief is so unpredictable. Since losing my dad, I never know what to expect from one moment to the next. My dad was a solid foundation in my life and someone I knew I could rely on. So there are days when I wish to speak to him, but I have to talk to him…

Gratitude meets God’s presence

gratitude god's presence
  Last Sunday, I encountered a moment that filled me with God’s presence; all I could feel was deep gratitude. I ran into someone I had not seen in about 18 years. She was connected to me through my first husband, and when we divorced, I lost contact with a large group of people, not…

In awe of God’s Plan

For I know the plans I have for you.
Sometimes your plan is not God’s plan for your life.  About five years ago, when I finished my Master’s degree, I thought I would become a School Administrator. I began walking in that direction and applying for jobs within my district and surrounding districts. Interview after interview produced no new outcome. Countless interviews ended in…

Finding Your Way Through Fear

Finding Your Way through Fear
The Soul shivers The eyes lower The shoulders hunch The feet tap The hands clasp The lips tighten Fear has set in It paralyzes you Fright pulls you down Angst brings defeat It tries to steal your dreams Fear can encompass your whole body if you let it It can overpower you It can cause…

You are Enough!

You are Enough!
I have always been quiet and felt like I was never enough. As a child, I would sit in a classroom, hoping to blend in with the other kids and hide from the world. Moreover, the anxiety felt if the teacher called on me was so paralyzing.  If I hid behind the person in front…
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