Trust in the Storm- Driving through Life’s Downpours

Trust in the Storm- Driving through Life’s Downpours

What do you do when you encounter life’s storms? What if you trust while in the storm instead of being ridden with anxiety and fear?

We knew the imminent rain was near as we saw the black clouds approaching. Within minutes, the sprinkles of raindrops turned into giant pellets, hitting the windshield with such force that fear slowly erupted inside me.

My husband turned on the windshield wipers, but they could not keep up with the speed and strength of the downpour. It created no visibility. My fear started to rise as horrible thoughts of doom and despair entered my mind.

“How are we going to get out of this?”

“What if we crash?”

My heart began to race, and my voice shook as I yelled, “We can’t see anything ahead of us.!” My husband gently laid his strong hand on my knee and said calmly, “Trust me. I will get us through this. I know what I am doing.”  The windshield wipers could not move fast enough as we continued carefully through the downpour. But within minutes, we were out of the storm and into bright skies.

As I look back at our summer trip and think about how many episodes of that same experience we had in our travels through the South, I can only be reminded of my husband’s words. “Trust me. I will get us through it. I know what I am doing.”

Life’s Storms

I think about all those storms that life has thrown in my way, the inability to see what was ahead, and the fear that I would not make it through.

After my daughter was born, I lay in the hospital bed, not knowing what was happening to me but aware that something was wrong. All I could do at the time was incessantly pray that the doctors would be able to find out what was happening to my body. The dark clouds hovered over me as I asked God to let me be a mom to this baby girl. I was not ready to let that go. Hours were spent in the unknown, and the despair surrounded me.
During my divorce, I spent months learning to trust in the Lord and His plan, knowing that what I wanted may not be the outcome I would receive—this time I spent with God helped me to grow into the person I needed to be for my children.
Two years ago, when my dad passed, I was heartbroken. I did not think I could deal with the grief and the loss of my mentor and number one supporter. But I knew I could turn to God, who would carry me.

All of these trials in my life led me closer to the Lord.

I did not always feel like I would be able to survive. But every time I prayed and turned toward God for help, He said exactly what my husband did in that moment of despair. “Trust me. I will get you through this.”

Those were massive storms in my life that God got me through. I learned He was in control and would take care of it.  He continued to say, “Trust me.” God knew the outcome and brought me to brighter days in all those situations, so how can I not trust Him? Each time I am uncertain or fearful, I turn to Him. And I  have learned to trust even when the strong storm hinders my visibility.

“Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” – Isaiah 26:4

Are you fighting storms?

My friend, are you going through a storm right now? Are you faced with fear? Are your days so dark that your visibility is limited?

I know that feeling because I have been there—those days when the storm hits so hard that you want to hide. You want to gather into a ball and shield yourself from the pain and fear you carry inside. Craving answers while you wonder what the next day, year, or maybe the next hour will bring. But there is no visibility into your future; all you can do is trust. And that is the hardest part!

But I know one thing- God is here for you. He sees what you cannot see. He has a plan. Lean into Him and His word and trust in Him. Know that He’s got you. He is holding you. He is leading you. God is protecting you.
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