The beauty of growing older is the wisdom you gain as you travel through life’s experiences.  Not long ago, I visited my Mom. The slow, peaceful calm of her desert home is what my soul needed. The weather, usually unbearable at this time of year, was relatively pleasant, with a cool breeze to begin and…

Hold Your Head Up High and Walk with grace

Hold Your Head Up and Walk With Grace, book by Bridget Gengler
What is the inspiration behind my new Children’s book Hold Your Head Up and Walk with grace? How did the story come to be? On my dad’s final days on this earth, I sat with him and talked about our shared moments when he made me feel special. In those moments, I felt like I…

All Part of God’s Plan

Ecclesiastes 3:11
  For the past ten months, since the pandemic started I have sat in prayer every morning praying for my family and friends to all stay healthy and free of this virus. When we reached the month of November, I was so grateful that my family had remained healthy so we all could meet for…

Love for Levins

there is no footprint too small to leave an imprint on this world
Our family was hit with a terrible tragedy at the end of October, 2019.  My sweet grand niece, Levins, passed away. The heartache and pain that her parents, sisters, and the rest of her extended family is going through is unimaginable. There are no words to describe the loss of a child. I cannot even…

What Really Matters?

The other day, I was listening to a message from a pastor in Texas, Dr. Tony Evans. As he was addressing our new normal during this COVID-19 pandemic his message resonated with me- take the time during this quarantine to think about what really matters.  It sounds so simple- think about what matters. Why does…

A Light in Someone’s Darkness

light, hands
The world is in a crazy, uncertain time right now. Many people are scared, anxious and they feel like they cannot control anything. On Friday, March 13 I went to work, ready to teach that day and looking forward to a weekend to relax and regroup when, at 11 am, we received news that our…

Parenting is a Humbling Experience

Parenting is Humbling
 Last Spring my husband and I decided to have our youngest son play baseball in a different league; one that was more competitive. Our intentions were to get him ready for high school and play with some of the kids whom he may play with in high school. He tried out and made a team.…

My Little One

Fourteen years ago today my baby girl was born. It seems like just yesterday that she was a newborn baby. The fear I had as a new mother is still vivid in my mind. I remember going into the hospital that morning preparing to be induced since my little one was stubborn and nine days…

Everlasting Love

It’s simple…. 60 years ago today a young nurse and Air Force officer were set up on a blind date and met for the first time. Over the course of eight months they dated, fell in love and got married. Over the 60 years they have raised eight children and welcomed many grandchildren and great…

A Kind Gesture

 It’s simple…..My daughter, Grace went to an Alzheimer’s walk with her cheer team a few weeks ago. All the participants had a different color flower on their shirts depending on the involvement with Alzheimer’s- Blue- a person with Alzheimer’s, Purple- someone who has lost a loved one with Alzheimer’s, Yellow-people who are currently supporting or…
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