The beauty of growing older is the wisdom you gain as you travel through life’s experiences. 

Not long ago, I visited my Mom. The slow, peaceful calm of her desert home is what my soul needed. The weather, usually unbearable at this time of year, was relatively pleasant, with a cool breeze to begin and end the day. 

My Mom

My Mom, a Southern girl at heart, grew up on a farm with very hardworking parents who had little to give but their love. Her upbringing created a passion for the outdoors. She can spend a whole day outside tending to her flowers and plants and relishing in the beauty around her. 

During that week, we spent many hours outside in the mornings and evenings just talking. 

My Mom, shy of 90 years old, is a wealth of profound wisdom. She is the strongest woman I know who grew up with nearly nothing but never hesitated to give almost everything to all those she loved. She met my father, a New Yorker, in Oklahoma, and they raised eight children and built a life together for nearly 65 years. 

Through the years, I have learned so much from her. So much of that learning has been from deep observation of her actions. When you are young, you tend to think that you know everything, but as you get older, you start to realize that the older people in your life hold lots of wisdom, and you can gain so much from them if you allow yourself to inhale the knowledge that they possess from life experiences. 

Mom’s Wisdom

These are some things I have learned from the wisdom my Mom shared with me. 

  • Love fiercely

Do not hesitate with your love for someone. Show it and share it. They will not always be there, so do not waste time. Love with all your heart. 

  • Be kind

No matter how you feel about someone, always be kind. My mother has shown that so well through the years. She does not have an enemy. She will always open her heart and home to others. Sometimes, expressing kindness to those who have hurt me is tough, but watching her is an inspiration and someone I aspire to be. 

  • Connect with others

My Mom asks lots of questions which sometimes I find annoying, but I know that it is her way of connecting with others and making them feel like they belong and are important. She creates a space for them to feel comfortable and loved. 

  • Enjoy your vacations and time off.

In our conversations this week, I shared my upcoming vacation with my husband. My Mom made a point to emphasize the importance of time away and enjoying every minute of the break to relax, rejuvenate and connect.

  • Invest your money early.

In my Mom’s words, “Invest your money early because you always think you have enough, but it is never enough.”

  • Find the best deals and spend frugally.

My Mom was always looking for ways to save money, and her big envelope of coupons helped her do that. 

  • Forgive

This lesson from my Mom is elementary, yet so hard. Forgive. Life is too short. 

  • Don’t stress the small stuff.

Don’t worry before you have to. Many things in life are not worth the worry and stress. Breathe and move forward. 

  • Talk to your plants and flowers.

I, unfortunately, did not acquire the green thumb that my mother has. Every plant and flower she has grows in abundance. She believes the key is to talk to them and give them words of love. Like you build a relationship with someone, you must do it with flowers and plants.

  • Trust in the Lord

Trust that He will take care of you and guide you. Have faith in the joyous times and in the toughest times. God has a plan for your life. 

  • Pray!

Bring your worries, fears, and disappointments to the Lord. Pray about them. Ask for guidance and wisdom. Do not forget to also pray and praise God for everything. 

  • Love your family

Love and take care of your family. Be there for them. Pray for them. Celebrate them. Cheer them on. Hug them. Support them. Connect with them. 

  • Stay in touch with your loved ones.

Always reach out to your siblings and extended family. Include them and tell them how important they are to you. 

The most important thing I have learned from my Mom is to enjoy every moment with those important people in your life. Put the phones down, avoid distractions, and breathe in the moment. 

My Mom loves puzzles and has finished countless ones, some now framed and on her walls. I began to help her complete the one she had started before I arrived, and I was determined before I left that it would be complete. On the last night, my Mom and I, my sisters and niece, worked passionately to complete the puzzle. We burst into applause and cheers when we accomplished our mission. 

The days before, I spent hours with my Mom on this puzzle. I listened to her sing with soft delight as she looked for pieces. When I was younger, I disliked my Mom’s singing, and I wasn’t shy to let her know that she needed to stop her off-key performances. But this time, I sat in wonder and joy as I listened to her sing bible hymns. It was the most beautiful sound. I embraced those moments with a grateful heart, knowing they would be gone one day. So I traveled back to the little girl loving and admiring her momma and just smiled with joy at that moment. 

The wisdom I gain as I get older comes from the knowledge bestowed upon me by those older and influential people. If I could speak to my younger self,  I would tell myself to honor those moments, listen carefully and watch closely. 

Wisdom is the true magic in the story. It is the gold found deep within the treasure chest. 
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  1. Traci Shnider on July 21, 2023 at 8:31 pm

    Your mom is a wise woman! Beautiful tribute to your mom. We do well when we learn from those wiser than us.

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