Trust that Better Days are Ahead

trust the journey

When life does not go as we planned, disappointment may set in. The road ahead may be rough, but you must trust the journey and believe you will triumph.

Behind the Smile

Sometimes what we see on the outside doesn’t always reflect what is on the inside. Hidden behind the smile may be a touch of sadness, disappointment, a flicker of doubt, a roller coaster of emotions, or even a flooding of brokenness. 

I look back on pictures of when my kids were so little, and my life was upside down with the hurt and the pain settling inside. It was eating away at me, but I needed to stay strong. I couldn’t let my kids see it. I couldn’t let others see it. So I would wait until I was alone and have my moment to weep, scream and sit in the struggle. 

My Saving Grace

Many days were like this as I went through my separation and divorce. It seemed my life was ending at the time, but my kids were my saving grace. They kept me moving. They gave me the strength to push through. Their little beings brought me joy and comfort when I felt no purpose. Through them, I saw that there was a reason for my existence, and God played a big part in that revelation. 

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. -James 4:8

In those moments of despair, I would talk to God and cry. I would ask Him to give me strength, courage, and wisdom. I knew He could not take my pain away, but I could find comfort in His love. I began to build an intimate relationship with him, where I would share all my fears and thoughts. The conversations increased, and the relationship grew. 

Through that relationship, I began to see a glimmer of hope. It was there whether that was from a person’s smile, a hug, a kind word, or just the presence I felt from Him.   It remained there through those difficult years. I know He was walking alongside me and guiding my steps. Through this pain came a lasting expression of hope. 

God allowed me to see a greater purpose in this life. He helped me understand that although my life did not turn out as I envisioned, a more significant plan awaits. 

Trust the Journey

My friend, if you are going through something similar, you may feel like I did. Maybe you feel lost and alone. Perhaps you wonder if life will ever get better. Although I can’t say the pain will disappear and everything will magically be better, through time, it will make you stronger and more courageous and allow you to become the person you are to be. When we are in the thick of things, it is hard to see the positive and the work God is doing but be assured that greatness is awaiting you. He is preparing you for something bigger than your expectations. Trust the journey and have faith that everything is falling into place, even when it feels like it’s not. He will use this experience to propel you in the direction you are meant to go. So, embrace the journey and trust that better days are ahead!


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