The Blessing of a Yellow Rose

yellow roses

Blessings will light the path and lead you out of the darkness.

No words were needed on that bittersweet day when he walked in with a dozen yellow roses. It was my wedding anniversary, and I was visiting my sister and her family. They had provided a safe place for me and my children during life’s most challenging moments. I was separated from my husband and going through the process of divorce. My brokenness and sadness weighed heavy on my heart. I dreaded reaching this day and did not know how to get through. I did not discuss the anniversary with my family, but they knew the day. After spending over a year fighting for a marriage where my husband was emotionally gone, I felt seen by someone. My brother-in-law made me feel valued that day. He saw what I could not see. A beautiful and strong woman with so much worth to offer this world.  He did not have to say much. His actions spoke for themselves. He was such a blessing to me on that day. He created light in my darkness. 

In our darkest moments, God always manages to shine a light and bring someone or something into our path, providing hope and joy.

The moment with my brother-in-law was just one small blessing in many blessings that passed through my life during my separation and divorce. Those blessings managed to light a path and lead me out of the darkness I was so afraid of being engulfed in for months to come. They were my saving grace. They provided immense joy for a short period where I could forget all the chaos flying around me. As I look back to those years of separation, divorce, single motherhood, and co-parenting, I think of all the people who have been blessings in my life exactly when I needed them. They came, spent time, spoke, or remained silent and provided love and care for me when I needed it the most. 

Every good and perfect gift is from above. James 1:17

But I know, ultimately, God orchestrated all of those special moments. I do not believe there are any coincidences in life. God provides, and He never leaves. We may think He has disappeared, but He never does. Instead, He is there nearby, ensuring you will stand again and reflect on your challenges as growth. 

My friend,
God is there for you and will shine a light in your darkest moments. We know that life is full of challenges and setbacks, but if you look closely, He provides so many small blessings when you are amid sadness and hurt. So, please know that gifts are waiting for you behind the moments of sorrow. And they will arrive at the exact moment you need them. So, take time to notice them before they pass you by. 





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