Hold Your Head Up and Walk with Grace

A heartwarming tale narrated through the eyes of Ellie, a young girl on a transformative journey to self-assurance. In this touching story, Ellie’s father plays a pivotal role in her life, guiding her toward newfound confidence.

As Ellie navigates the challenges of going to school, she discovers that her father’s wisdom and support is invaluable. Through his teachings, Ellie learned the importance of holding her head up high and walking with grace. These life lessons shape her outward demeanor and empower her to confront her inner fears and take bold steps outside her comfort zone.

Hold Your Head Up and Walk With grace is a poignant and inspiring narrative that beautifully captures a young soul's emotional and psychological growth. It highlights the significance of a father’s encouragement and its impact on a child’s journey to self-discovery and confidence. This story is a testament to the enduring bond between a parent and a child and the remarkable transformations that can occur through love and guidance.

Rave Reviews

Sweet and encouraging book for children

As a tribute to her own good daddy, Bridget tells the story of a little girl who begins school with some trepidation, and whose daddy comforts her with this encouraging phrase. It is a sweet portrait of a father and his daughter, and reminds us how important that relationship is, as it lays the foundation for future courage and grace. The message is simple and catchy, and the illustrations are magical. Definitely a book to be shared with little ones and snuggles. 🙂

A positive message of love and support.

This is a beautifully written story about a little girl and the bond she has with her daddy! He knew just what to do and say to encourage her to be a confident young lady who could believe in herself. The illustrations are perfect for this story; colorful and bright! This is a book for any young reader and I highly recommend it.

A beautiful and bold story!

This book is motivational, bright, moving and will bring a smile while reading. Myself and my daughter both have close relationships with our dads and this just brought tears to my eyes and it was so relatable. The illustrations and story are both so beautiful. I can’t recommend it enough.

Beautifully written story about every parent’s role in lifting up their children!

I love everything about this book! Amazing story to build confidence and a sense of self for everyone. Heartwarming and authentic story of a parent’s love for their child.

Quotes from the book

Daddy put his hands on her shoulders and replied, "Hold your head up high and walk with grace. Then, the world will come to you."

Daddy knelt in front of her. "Ellie, just hold your head up high and walk with grace. Your light will shine through."

Daddy looked her in the eyes and replied, "Hold your head up high and walk with grace. The words will flow from your sweet mouth."

"Be true to you and only you. Don't live to impress anyone else. You are special in your own way. Hold your head up high and walk with grace."

Bridget Gengler

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