Everlasting Love

It’s simple…. 60 years ago today a young nurse and Air Force officer were set up on a blind date and met for the first time. Over the course of eight months they dated, fell in love and got married. Over the 60 years they have raised eight children and welcomed many grandchildren and great grandchildren into the world. Their love, dedication and commitment to each other has been an example and inspiration to all who meet them.  It is simple….. They have led by example; always loving each other through life’s ups and downs and enjoying the little moments as well as the big moments in life. 
My daughter said it perfectly today- “Mom, Grandma and Grandpa’s relationship is my goal.” I think that is a pretty good goal to have! 
 So on this Veterans Day, we thank God for the blessing of that first meeting 60 years ago today in order to enable us  to be witnesses to a great love story!

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