A Kind Gesture


 It’s simple…..
My daughter, Grace went to an Alzheimer’s walk with her cheer team a few weeks ago. All the participants had a different color flower on their shirts depending on the involvement with Alzheimer’s- Blue- a person with Alzheimer’s, Purple- someone who has lost a loved one with Alzheimer’s, Yellow-people who are currently supporting or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s.

As she and her team sat and listened to people share their stories, Grace became overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry. As she told me this story, she said that there was a man sitting on the stage with a blue flower who kept looking at her. After a few minutes, he walked over to her and sat down beside her. He put his arm around her to comfort her and sat with her through the rest of the presentation.
With tears in her eyes, she continues to tell me the story and how she was so surprised that this man who is going through so much saw her pain and chose to give of himself for her.
This picture simply says it all…..it’s simple, isn’t it? You never know when your life will be touched or when you will touch another’s life.

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