Being Seen in your Grief

woman, alone, crowd
In our grief, many times, we want to be seen.  My sister-in-law just lost a remarkable man in her life. He was someone who stepped in to be her father figure when her father was geographically far away. He was there on some of her most challenging days. She learned from his encouragement, strength, and…

All Part of God’s Plan

Ecclesiastes 3:11
  For the past ten months, since the pandemic started I have sat in prayer every morning praying for my family and friends to all stay healthy and free of this virus. When we reached the month of November, I was so grateful that my family had remained healthy so we all could meet for…
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I am a writer and educator. I am passionate about inspiring and encouraging my readers by bringing hope when you may otherwise, feel lost. I take time to focus on gratitude, kindness, prayer and finding joy and hope even in the most difficult of moments.

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