Things I Wish My Younger Self Knew- Lesson 3

Things I Wish My Younger Self Knew- Lesson 3

Life lessons create the wisdom we carry into our later years.

The wisdom that can be shared with our younger generations.

Learning God’s Plan

I placed his large hand in mine as I sat beside the bed. He looked different from the strong father who spent years protecting and loving me. I could feel the weakness in his grasp and hear the struggle in his breath.

In that moment beside him, I knew our time was limited. I realized that soon I wouldn’t be able to hold his hand anymore, hear his voice, or see his smile. My body felt weak with sadness, and my injured heart cried out for more time. But I knew the end of my dad’s life here on Earth was imminent.

My hand tightened in his grasp as I quietly pleaded with God for strength and courage.

Amazingly, this is what God gave me:

A vision of 

-My dad’s early years

-His marriage to my mom

-The lives of his children

-The significant events in his life

-The final days of his life

God gave me joy in that vision—seeing His plan play out in my dad’s life.

The puzzle pieces of my dad’s life all came together in a beautiful representation of God’s plan. I could see my dad’s purpose on this Earth and how every event and every encounter played out to reveal the plan for his life.

This moment was the saddest and most joyous, for I could see the beauty in God’s love and faithfulness.

As you travel through life, you question the twists and turns of your life. You feel the disappointments, the sadness, and the struggles. Some things need clarification, and you search for answers to make sense of it all. But sometimes those answers don’t come, and you must begin to trust.

When my dad passed, I reflected on my life for some time. His passing helped me see more clearly how far I had come in life, and even though I can not foresee the future, I know a plan exists, and my faith allows me to trust in the path I am following.

So, what would I share with my younger self?

Dear Younger Self, 

Going through life is a growing experience.

Our struggles and trials teach us lessons where we can gain wisdom and strength. 

Sometimes, it is hard to trust that everything will come out okay, especially during the trials. 

You can not foresee what will happen ahead of you, but you can trust that God can. 

He’s got you. He walks alongside you and will guide you if you allow Him to. 

The obstacles, the failures, and the detours may be Him saying, “Not this time.” “Be patient.” “This is not the right one.”

When you have gone through something that strengthens you, you can look back on the road that got you there and see all the blessings along the way. 

Sometimes, it is hard to see when you are in the midst of it, but please trust that He has a plan. 

My father’s passing taught me that blessings are abundant when we have faith that we are traveling on the right road with God as our guide.

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