You are Enough!

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What are the lies that you have believed for so long?

How can you change those lies? YOU ARE ENOUGH!

My Inner Child

I was sitting in a PD meeting recently when the presenter asked the participants to share their thoughts on the topic they were presenting. Anxiety instantly hit me, and my inner child came out. Sitting there, not wanting to make eye contact, and being afraid of being called on increased my feeling of inadequacy. The fear of being wrong and of making a mistake overwhelmed me. I returned to my childhood and the moments I felt unworthy. Will I say something stupid? Will it be well received? The unworthiness, inferiority, and inadequacy began to paralyze me. In these situations, the imposter syndrome looms overhead and stops me from showing my true self. These moments of imposter syndrome have happened way too many times in my adult life. They have caused me to doubt myself and my true abilities. That is when the unworthiness takes over. 


For so long, I felt like I wasn’t good enough. That what I said was stupid, and it didn’t matter. I felt nobody would listen to little ‘ol me. 

I frequently shrank into the little girl who heard, “You aren’t enough. You don’t know enough.”

The constant chatter of negative thoughts of never being good enough filled my mind. 

You are too shy. So you aren’t good enough. 

You aren’t smart. So you aren’t good enough. 

You don’t know. So you aren’t good enough. 

You won’t be able to articulate your thoughts well. So you aren’t good enough. 

I lived for so many years in these lies. 

All that talk and defeated feelings were the leaders of my choices and decisions. 

My feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy led to lies that suffocated my mind and created fear that would stop me from breaking through the barrier and reaching my full potential. 

Later that day, after that PD, I was driving and reflecting upon what I had learned when a realization hit me…….

God loves me. 

He says I am enough. 

He says I am worthy. 

He sees my beauty. 

He sees my potential. 

I can do all things through Him. 

I can lean on Him. 

He will protect me. 

He will care for me. 

My friend, 

Do you ever feel the way I felt? Are there moments when thoughts of unworthiness invade your mind? Have you been living under the weight of negative self-talk? 

It’s time to silence the lies and embrace your worth. 

You are enough. Do not let anyone dim your light. 

There will always be trials and tribulations. Do not believe the lies that will try to destroy your confidence and self-esteem. Through every trial, you get stronger. 

Ignore the noise. 

There will be so many lies that will enter your mind and many people who will not always be on your side.

Don’t listen to the lies. 

Replace the lies with the truth and break from the fear. 

God’s love is breaking through the lies. 

He says you are worthy, and you are enough. 

It’s time to lean on Him and embrace your full potential. 

Others’ opinions do not define your worth. 

When you become dependent on how others see you and what they say about you, you lose sight of your own self-perception. 

Do not let people’s words or negative thoughts engage in your life. You are bigger and better than all of that. 

You are enough, you are essential, and you are beautiful, just as you are! You have a purpose in this life. 

The world needs to hear your story!

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