One Word 2024- Patience


Patience is “the ability to wait a long time without becoming annoyed or upset.”

Since 2017, when I received my Master’s degree, my life has been in transformation, from countless job interviews that resulted in utter disappointment to realizing that maybe I am right where God needs me to be.

In 2021, I lost my dad to COVID-19, and through my grief, my writing journey began due to a promise I made to him. I have learned over the past year that whenever I have been discouraged or felt like nothing is changing, God has spoken to me and reminded me that I need to continue growing.

Looking back at the past six years, especially last year, I see how much I have grown and changed. I realize I am still moving on this journey and continue to transform. When I get impatient, I must stop and remind myself of God’s words- “you need to grow.”

Do you ever feel that way? 

Do you ever feel like nothing is moving in the right direction? 

God is not listening? 

Where is the breakthrough? 

I understand- I felt that so many times in the past years, especially last year, when I thought things would move faster than they did. When I thought the breakthrough was right at my fingertips. But nothing!


But as I sit back and reflect on the year, I see so much that I missed.

 The small moments of gratitude, 

the little bits of inspiration that I provided to a reader, a student, a colleague, a friend, and a family member,

 the writing routine and consistency that I established, 

the coaching I received for children’s books 

 the knowledge I have gained to help me successfully write and publish my second children’s book, 

the followers and readers whom I have gained, 

the writing communities that I have joined, 

And so much more. 

These moments have been part of the journey and helped me grow. This is what I have learned. 


Growth is a process. It is a journey where we can only sometimes foresee what is ahead. We are met with stop signs, u-turns, yields, and forks in the road. We maneuver through windy paths and trek up steep hills. We struggle through long stretches and sprint through clear paths. 

Small steps are needed throughout this journey to ensure we don’t miss an opportunity. These steps take courage, strength, determination, and patience. 


Patience is the long-suffering we endure along the path of our journey. It is the perseverance needed when waiting for a breakthrough. 

Patience requires trust, knowing that it is not our timing that we are waiting for but God’s timing. 


In 2023, my One Word was More. I wanted to experience more of everything. More writing, more connections, more learning, more growth, more joy, and more hope. From my reflection, I accomplished that. 


For 2024, I believe and trust that God has spoken to me and told me to be patient in the journey. Our journeys are not easy. There is no linear path to reach the destination. It involves risk, trust, and growth but comes with patience. 


My One Word for 2024 is Patience. 

I have the patience to continue on this journey and trust that God has a much bigger plan than I could have envisioned. 


And for you, my friend,

I pray that you will also be patient in your journey and relish in the small moments, knowing that they are steps of growth leading you to the plan God has for you- a more significant and better plan than you could have imagined. 




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