Finding Your Way Through Fear

Finding Your Way through Fear
The Soul shivers

The eyes lower

The shoulders hunch

The feet tap

The hands clasp

The lips tighten

Fear has set in

It paralyzes you

Fright pulls you down

Angst brings defeat

It tries to steal your dreams

Fear can encompass your whole body if you let it

It can overpower you

It can cause you to hide

Fright brings doubt

Please don’t allow it to
Find the Will
Search for the Strength
Find the Courage

To roar like a lion and 

Rise to face the fear


There is so much beyond fear

I have discovered in life that fear is a roadblock that will keep you on the other side of your true potential if you let it. Furthermore, it can take away your dreams and aspirations when you allow it to define you. 

Fear has defined so much of my life

I only knew what I was missing once I went past the roadblocks. Consequently, when I pushed past the dread, I encountered mistakes and failures, but they were outweighed by the growth and joy I received from my bravery. 

Facing fears is not as scary once you begin to take risks. Once you start to believe that your worth is much greater than any fear that has tried to define you. Specifically, it is overcoming the obstacle that can seem so unbearable. 

I have watched my days slip away in those paralyzing moments defined by angst. I have watched part of my life pass me by. Yet, I never knew the joy you can feel when you accomplish something that you thought was impossible due to the overwhelming fear encompassing your life. 


Psalm 56:3

Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in you. 


I was fearful

But I overcame it. 

I was paralyzed 

But I moved. 

I was overwhelmed 

But I breathed. 

I was defeated

But I won. 

I was lost 

But I found my way. 

I found that lion inside me. 

The one that scares away the fear. 

The one that stands tall. 

The one that roars with confidence. 

It looks fear straight in the eye

And fights the doubt 

and uncertainty. 


2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a sound mind. 


My friend, You are much more significant than that fear you carry. You are worthy of doing great things. Undoubtedly, the lies can make you think that the fear is as giant and fierce as a lion, but the actual lion inside you needs to be released to attack the anxiety that is just as tiny as a mouse. God gives us the strength and self-confidence to fight off that fright and to roar like that lion. Lean into Him and trust that He will provide you with all you need to surpass the bouts of fear that swirl around you. 

He helped me find my way, and can do the same for you. 




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