My Second Blessing

Pay attention to the beauty around you!


My second blessing of this school year is one student who reminds me of a beautiful sunflower that follows the sun as it grows. I see her as a student who is constantly growing. She takes in all the learning and has aspirations to work above her potential. When I teach she is following me just as the sunflower follows the sun. She finds moments to share her thoughts, moments to make mistakes and moments to grow her abilities. With her sweet and quiet soul, she commands the attention of all of those in the room in a soft and humble way. We need to stop to be able to hear her wisdom and when we do, she enlightens us with her words.

She is a conscientious student who checks in with me every day. She cares about her learning and her success as a scholar. She has the sweetest smile, and she cares about what people have to say.

She is that dazzling sunflower that brightens my day and produces light in the places that may be dark. She teaches me to remain calm and dig deep into my soul to find the goodness that surrounds me.

My blessing for the week is a dazzling light that radiates and allows me to look deeper to find the beauty right around me.

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