The Weapon of Courage

on the other side of fear is a whole new world to discover when you allow courage to guide you

Courage? Courage?

What is courage?

It is the ability to face your fears.

What frightens you?

Does fear make you stop you in your tracks?

What causes doubt in your life?

Ever since I was a little girl I have had many moments of fear. Those moments stopped me from doing so many things that I had such high hopes and dreams for. I lived for so long in a world of fear.  The fear of taking risks consumed my life. The worry about making mistakes was an everday concern . The fear of sharing who I am with the world was always at the back of my mind. . 

When I became a mother, I realized that my children were watching. The examples I set were witnessed by them. If I wanted them to try new things, take risks, and make mistakes then I needed to be that role model. 

But still that journey was difficult to navigate in the comfortable world that I had created for myself. 

However, as my children entered their teen years, I knew that I must begin to step out of my comfort zone. 

But, how did I do that when I was so comfortable in this cozy world of mine?

Maybe you are wondering the same thing. How do you escape the comfortable spot that you have created for yourself?

The answer is COURAGE. 

When you are fighting to step out of your comfort zone and fight the bully of fear, then you need to take out the weapon of courage and fight for what you want. 

Courage is what peeks out when the blanket of fear is covering you. It is waiting to be called into action. It is prepared to go into battle to fight the fear that it is surrounding you. 

Be strong and courageous ( Joshua 1:6)

A strong and courageous heart wins the battle. God fights for you when you are fearful. He fights for you when you are doubtful. When you are too tired, he will carry you . When fear has defeated you and deceived you, He will be there to comfort you. He stands up for you and wins the battle. 

When I started to let courage take over and trust that God would provide me with strength, then things began to change for me. All the things that I told my children and even my students about stepping out of their comfort zones and facing their fears became part of who I was. 

As I fought this bully of fear for so many years and faced it with a courageous heart, it has changed my life. I have experienced many personal successes and accomplishments in my life that I had wished for, for years . This blog, my writing life and my ability to openly share my work are all a testament to this walk of courage.

But, I could not do it alone. God has walked alongside me in this journey. There have been many stumbles and hurdles along the way and the journey is not over. Fear still creeps in and I must fight it off. Are there still moments when I want to get back into my cozy comfort zone? Most definitely! But, I have now experienced so much growth that the comfort zone does not seem as cozy anymore. 

So, my friend, if there is a yearning to accomplish something new and step out of your comfort zone, I urge you to pick up the weapon of courage and face the fears that are holding you back. Win the battle to reach the other side.  Reach out to God for strength and courage. He will not let you down and He will be there every step of the way. 


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