Fear- The Unwelcomed Visitor

Fear- The Unwelcomed Visitor
Have you ever had certain times in your life where fear just seemed to come knocking like an unwanted visitor who would not leave?

Fear is the visitor who outstays their welcome and wants your undivided attention the whole time. 

Fear has a way of creeping up on you unexpectedly. It has a way of paralyzing you and making you believe many lies about yourself. It can consume your mind with uncertainty and doubt. 

It will create doubt in your capabilities. 

It will question your worth. 

Doubts about your strength will surface in your mind. 

The doubt can stop you from moving forward and taking risks. 

When fear sets in, the race has begun.

It is the hurdles that bring you down.

The competitor who runs past you.

The voice in your head that whispers, “ you can’t do it!”

The shoulders that hunch in defeat.

The smile that disappears in disappointment.

Fear has a way of making us feel like we are not worthy enough to finish the race.

It slows your momentum down and causes many to quit before the race is even over.

But, you cannot allow fear to win. 

If you do, then it can take away your aspirations, your opportunities, your growth and your joy.

Fear is the destroyer of dreams.

It can change the outcome of a situation in a matter of minutes.

Fear is the deceiver.

It does a great job of making one feel so little and unworthy. Fear can do all of that if you allow it to. 

My Scared Younger Self

If I could speak to my younger self, I would encourage her to always step out of her comfort zone and take risks. 

Stepping out into an unknown space is scary and full of uncertainty.
But stepping out of your comfort zone is where the real magic happens.
You discover things that you never knew before. It is where growth occurs. Fear will create a detour and it will do a good job of putting up barriers that may ultimately stop you. Stepping out of your comfort zone takes courage. It requires constant reminders of encouragement and belief that you can do it. It is the first step in accomplishing something. The process to the end result is slow,  but it is that first step that ultimately becomes the most important. When you step out of your comfort zone, the outcomes are endless and so rewarding. 
But how do we do that when fear interrupts our thoughts and actions?
How do we stop fear from overtaking us and blocking our ability and our path?
How do we stand up to this strong bully called Fear?



 Psalm 56:3 says, “ Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in you.” 

When you are afraid, instead of depending on your capabilities, trust in God. Have faith that He will carry you through. Have faith that He will bring you from the depths of your fear to the wonderful things that are waiting on the other side. 

Growth takes risk. 

Risk takes courage. 

Fear is the obstacle that can stand in the way.

It is normal to feel fear, but it is what you decide to do with it that matters. Do not let it dominate you. Do let it take away your opportunities. Learn to face it in order to overcome it. The wonderful thing is you do not have to do it alone. 

I spent many years walking in fear and realized that I missed many opportunities to soar. It wasn’t until I started to trust and have faith that no matter what I faced, God was who I needed to rely on in those moments. When I started to trust and have faith that, no matter what, I would be fine is when I began to grow. It is in those moments that I learned the most about myself and my actual capabilites. Despite the risk and the failures that came with it, I began to see the person who I was. 

So, my friend, what scares you? Instead of trying to avoid it, face it and trust that God will walk right alongside you in those moments when you need support.

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