Heroes Among Us

a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people


Every day I believe I am surrounded by heroes; 27 little heroes to be exact.

This school year has started out just as difficult or perhaps even more difficult than last year. There are days when I have to really be intentional about finding the silver linings. But the reality is that they do appear and most often they are right within the four walls of my own classroom. Over these past few months, while I have gotten to know my students, I have seen such goodness and uniqueness in each one. I have seen them celebrate each other, compliment each other, and empathize with each other. I have witnessed them be gracious and good with each other.

I am learning so much about them and what they care about and believe in. I have heard them share their voices and ideas while respecting their classmates’ perspectives and views. What I am seeing emerge is true courageous acts of kindness and compassion.  Despite what we have all experienced in the past year and a half, I am seeing glimpses of hope, joy and courage come out in each individual student.

These are little heroes among me who are intent on making our classroom a better place for everyone who walks in. Heroes who are encouraging each other, helping each other, caring for each other and honoring each other.

Last year as I navigated my way through the year, I counted my blessings- all 30 of them. I saw what blessings each of my students brought to my life. This year, I see the heroes among me. I see little heroes who are also finding their way through this new normal with courage, resilience and perseverance.

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