My 14th Blessing- Blessed by Inspiration

inspiration 14th

Inspiration has a way of creeping up in our lives and creating a picture of beauty that manifests a desire to want to be better and do better. Sometimes people cross our paths who manage to spark that inspiration in our hearts. My fourteenth blessing has done just that for me. 

Even though I have been teaching for 26 years, I am always overwhelmed by the inspiration that a child can create in my life. This child walked into my life and to my surprise, swept me off my feet with her individuality. She has a hop in her step when she walks down the hall and a smile on her face when she sees you in sight.

I am impressed by her young maturity and confidence despite the everyday challenges that she faces. This week she shared her Tell Your Story presentation with the class and we all got a peek into this maturity and confidence. The inspiration filled the room as we learned about her vision impairment that does not limit the risks she takes in life and the adventures that she creates for herself. She shared her love for swimming and horseback riding. Her presentation left us with a dose of admiration and wonder. 

I am so elated that I have been able to experience this amazing child who inspires me to live better and enjoy the adventures of life with a hop in my step.

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