My fourth blessing brings me JOY!

We all need a little JOY in our day!

It has been a bit of time since I have written about my blessings in my teaching this year. When I started this at the beginning of the year it was for me to intentionally focus on the goodness and blessings around me in this difficult year. A time when many are struggling and the social emotional well being of my students is a constant reminder of what is really important in this world. 

This brings me to my fourth blessing. She is one of those students whom a teacher adores. A student who tries hard every day and never seems to give up. A student who shows excitement for her learning even if it may be really challenging for her. She still persists and keeps on trying. I love the determination that she has. She works hard at every task that she encounters. She not only completes her tasks but does so with a smile on her face. 

She comes into our Zoom each day with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. I look forward to her morning and afternoon greetings. She always takes the time to say hello and check in on me. She does so with her sweet and gentle demeanor that anyone can pick up on when one encounters her. 

I am blessed by her curious mind and her love for learning. She asks lots of questions and truly has a desire to excel. She shared with me a few weeks ago that she wants to become an Orthopedic Surgeon. She told me a story of how her cousin inspired her to want to do great things. She described how her cousin shared with her all the hard work she has done in school and how elated she was to have almost reached her goal. She was so inspired by that and it has given her the drive and passion to want to do better and reach for her own goal and dreams. It is beautiful to see a student become so encouraged by the actions of someone whom they look up to. It definitely goes to show how one’s actions and words matter and can make an impact in another’s life. When we are dealing with children, we never know how what we say and do can change a child’s attitude and perspective. Her inspiration that she shared with me has motivated me and reminded me that I can make an impact. 

This sweet girl has blessed me in so many ways but her greetings by far are the biggest blessings. Those simple actions from a child bring joy to my day and we all need a little joy in our day!

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