My Fifth Blessing- The Simple Gesture of a Wave

Sometimes the simple gestures can make a difference

My fifth blessing is a child who enters our Zoom meeting every day with a smile. He turns on his camera immediately and gives a wave, no matter if anyone responds to it or not. He greets everyone that way every time. He gives a wave and a big smile. He is ready to begin his learning time. He is excited to be there. 

He was so elated when his parents purchased a desk for him in the first month of school. He had a learning location in his house and he felt the satisfaction of being prepared and ready to learn. 

He is one who has his camera on every day and he is determined to perform at his personal best. He actively participates and is eager to answer questions and share his thinking. He is not hesitant to make mistakes or to ask questions when he is not sure. When he answers questions you would think you were listening to an adult. The responses are well thought out and articulated answers. He inhales my teaching and exhales his understanding. 

Not only does he work hard to be the best student, but he tries to be a good person also. He laughs with me when I make mistakes and encourages me when I need a little push. He does the same with his classmates. He is one who the others look up to and takes on that leadership role when needed. 

Sometimes when I look at him and see the student he has become since he started fourth grade, I am amazed. At the end of August, this child was so shy and was hesitant to share his voice. His progress is a testament to his determination and self confidence that he has developed in the course of this year. 

Each day I look forward to seeing that wave. He manages to put a smile on my face to increase my joy in the good days and uplift my spirits in the bad days. It is amazing how a simple gesture can make all the difference and turn one’s day into a blessing.

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