My Sixth Blessing- A Bright Light in my Day

A Bright Light Day.

My sixth blessing has a quiet nature about himself but hidden behind that is an intelligence like no other. He goes deeper into his thinking and shares thoughts that are beyond his years. He will sit back in the corner and observe then jump into the discussion ready with a well thought out answer. It is quite refreshing to my teacher’s heart when I see him stretch his mind and dig deep into his understanding.  He is one who needs to be challenged and encouraged to take risks in his learning.

He keeps me on my toes and makes me think about what I am doing and what I am teaching. He is not afraid to tell me if he thinks I have done something wrong, but by the same token, he is also quick to correct himself and learn from his own mistakes. Those exact mistakes help him, in one second to question his learning, and in the next second to flourish. 

He is my entrepreneur in class. He makes stuffed figures that could make another kid very happy.  I have encouraged him to start a business and I hope that he pursues that. I try to motivate him to reach above his potential because I know he is one who has the capability of doing that. 

He is proud of his heritage and speaks of it fondly. He shares stories about visiting his grandmother in Japan. He desires to express his voice and honor his differences. I find that he is comfortable in his own skin and it is ok if he is alone in what he does and says. He embraces taking on the leadership role in class even in the realm of his quietude. 

He blesses my day with his stillness and bright wonder that is like a light that illuminates in the darkness of my day. 

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