My Seventh Blessing- We all need a Cheerleader

Cheering for the Small Victories

My seventh blessing is a spirited one who is ready to learn every day. She comes to our class set with curiosity and determination to complete whatever tasks the day has for her. She is usually one step ahead of me and desires to have her questions answered instantaneously. 

She works hard with continued efforts and her capabilities are always evident in every task that she performs. She cares about her results and figures out what she needs to do to improve herself.  She has a stamina that carries her learning to a new level. She wants to continually be better than what she was the day before, the moment before. 

She carries herself with a strong confidence in her abilities and she leads the class with enthusiasm. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is the spirited cheerleader on the sidelines waiting for the victory.  She watches intently as the play is made  and screams with excitement when she sees her team make accomplishments that lead them to small wins in their learning. She roots for her classmates and finds ways to celebrate them.   

Her spirited presence is a blessing on my hard days and an added joy on my good days. She reminds me that everyone needs a cheerleader. 

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