My Eighth Blessing

A Smiling Heart

My Eighth Blessing- He makes my heart smile

My eighth blessing is a ball of energy who comes into Zoom ready to share everything that is on his mind. He greets me and then wants to share things from what he ate for breakfast to the work his mother is doing, or to the new furniture they had delivered. As he is sharing all this in an intense and fast forward kind of way, the only thing I feel is a smile in my heart. 

His passion for what he shares and his innocence all in one effortlessly puts a smile on my face. His enthusiasm is truly contagious and he fills my cup of joy for the day. 

Then when we move into content, this child shares the most insightful thoughts whether we just watched a video for SEL, read a book or are working on writing. He contributes an inspirational thought that makes us all think and wonder after he says it. Not only do his classmates benefit from his insight, I do also. His words leave an encouraging light glowing in the background of our minds. He is a true inspiration and joy to my day. 

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