My Eleventh Blessing- It is not so scary after all

stepping out comfort

My eleventh blessing is one student who is not afraid to make mistakes. She is not afraid to take risks in learning and she is not afraid to be wrong. 

I love to interact with this child because she is willing to step out of her comfort zone with her learning in order to improve. There are times when she participates and her answers are not correct but she listens intently to the teaching and figures out what she does not understand. 

I love her tenacity and determination to keep persisting and moving forward. She is confident and comfortable enough with her learning to challenge herself in every situation. She is not shy about trying new things. 

She does not quit when it gets hard. She is determined to figure it out. 

When the light bulb does finally turn on for her, it creates a smile on her face that exponentially outshines the light of the lightbulb. She is so proud of herself and one can see that her willingness to fight to the end is the factor to her success. 

This blessing reminds why I do what I do every day. It is for those moments when my students realize that stepping out of their comfort zones lead them into a new world of learning. It can carry them higher than they have ever gone before. It can open up new paths of discovery and wonder. It can lead to new levels of confidence. It can make them realize that it is not so scary after all.

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