My Tenth Blessing Caught Me by Surprise

blessing out of nowhere

My tenth blessings is a young man who remains in the shadows but then suddenly will appear out of nowhere to share his voice. There are times during class when he remains silent but if I check in on him, he is right there with me. He chooses to not always have his camera on but if I ask him to share he immediately appears from that black box and shares with the class. 

Even though he is not one of the outspoken ones, he does on occasion voluntarily raise his hand and share his thinking and new learning. He is not afraid to admit when there is a struggle and he is always determined to figure out the solution. He will sit with a problem and do his best to understand what may be perplexing to him. His patience and perseverance is an example for all the students.

He is one to whom we listen closely when he participates. He shares his opinion with the class and also his connections to his personal life. He opens up about what is happening in his life and he is proud to share with the class. He shares his passions around sports, his compassion for others and his feelings about situations. He is proud of the voice he has and he is starting to see that his words can make an impact. 

Even though sometimes I may not think he is listening to what I am saying or teaching, he will surprise me with a response that puts it all together. A response that is only possible if one has been a good listener. He is the student who remains hiding behind that tree until just the right moment when he pops out and yells, “Gotcha!” He is the blessing that has caught me by surprise and left a lasting impression on my heart. 

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