In Your Brokenness

psalms 34:18
Are there moments in your life when you have just felt so broken? Broken from a promise not fulfilled? Broken from dishonesty? Broken from betrayal? Broken from grief? Broken from disappointment? There are many moments during my divorce that I felt completely and utterly broken.  I remember when I found out about things that would…

Suspended in Time

Here I stand in the middle of two trains that fly by me at a velocity that I cannot comprehend. My feet are planted firmly to the ground like they are embedded in a block of cement.  The wind from the speed of the trains pushes my upper body forward, but my feet stay fixated…

All Part of God’s Plan

Ecclesiastes 3:11
  For the past ten months, since the pandemic started I have sat in prayer every morning praying for my family and friends to all stay healthy and free of this virus. When we reached the month of November, I was so grateful that my family had remained healthy so we all could meet for…

There was Jesus!

There was Jesus
Something powerful just happened to me as I was driving. The song- “There was Jesus” by Zach Williams came on the radio. As I was singing along and listening to the words a powerful emotion came over me.  “When the life I built came crashing to the ground.  When the friends I had were nowhere…

A Light in Someone’s Darkness

light, hands
The world is in a crazy, uncertain time right now. Many people are scared, anxious and they feel like they cannot control anything. On Friday, March 13 I went to work, ready to teach that day and looking forward to a weekend to relax and regroup when, at 11 am, we received news that our…

God Really Works in Mysterious Ways!

Romans 11:33
In August, 2018 I decided that I wanted to begin my day in such a way that would benefit me and bring me joy throughout the day. So I got up a little earlier and sat in silence with my coffee and prayed. I began this a month before the school year started, so by…

My Little One

Fourteen years ago today my baby girl was born. It seems like just yesterday that she was a newborn baby. The fear I had as a new mother is still vivid in my mind. I remember going into the hospital that morning preparing to be induced since my little one was stubborn and nine days…
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